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1.AVMA, “Insurers Say Pet Care Spending, Visits Increase with Insurance.” avma.org, Sept. 2016.
The mean no. of vet visits per year by insured pet owners is 2.1; the mean no. by uninsured pet owners is 1.4. The mean annual health care expenses paid by insured pet parents is $324 per dog & $264 per cat; the mean for uninsured pet parents is $251 per dog & $146 per cat. 

We'd love to tell you how Pumpkin's Pet Insurance 
& Preventive Essentials Pack can help you provide 
the best veterinary care possible to your patients.

We'd love to tell you how Pumpkin's Pet Insurance & Preventive Essentials pack can help you provide the best veterinary care possible to your patients.

For Veterinarians

Preventive Essentials Pack
Our preventive care pack helps ensure clients come back for their pet's yearly check-ups, vaccines and screening tests.

Pet Health Insurance
Our best-in-class accident & illnesses coverage encourages more visits and helps enable clients to afford your best diagnostics & treatment.

#ArfMeowForVets Initiative
Our social campaign rallies communities around their local veterinary hospitals to help raise money for their COVID-19 Staff Relief Funds.

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Pumpkin offers a bowlful of benefits to hospitals like yours. 

Pumpkin Preventive Essentials helps families plan and pay for yearly preventive care – making it easier to afford our best-in-class accident & illness insurance. The result? ≈50% more visits,1 increased preventive care compliance, and more exam room conversations that end in “whatever it takes,” not “what will it cost?” 

more veterinary visits from an insured pet vs. uninsured pet1

Our pet insurance helps clients say ‘yes’ to your best care.

More Veterinary Hospital Resources

'Paws Back for Preventive Care' Marketing Kit

As your business gets back up & running, we have marketing assets you can use to help encourage wellness visits.

We know how hard it is to run a practice, so we’ll work around you! Email us to schedule a virtual or in-person session.

Virtual & In-Person Pumpkin Lunch & Learns

Pet parents often struggle to afford unexpected veterinary care, and the COVID-19 crisis has created financial hardship for many families. Pumpkin helps make it easier for your clients to say 'yes' to the best veterinary care possible and bring their pets in every year for preventive care.

A few #ArfMeowForVet thank you notes from Pumpkin's fur family 

When accidents & illnesses happen, Pumpkin Insurance helps clients afford the veterinary care their pets need to get better by covering 90% of eligible vet bills, up to $20k/yr for dogs and $15k/yr for cats after meeting their chosen annual deductible.

And we also cover the care options for accidents & illnesses you'd expect.

Surgery & Specialized Care

Emergency & Hospitalization

Prescription Meds

Diagnostics & treatments

Alternative Therapies

We cover key things some other insurances leave out.


Behavioral Issues

Dental & Gum Disease

Hereditary Conditions

Sick Visit 
Exam Fees

Our preventive care pack helps ensure pets come back for routine wellness care.

For just $18.95/mo for dogs and $11.95/mo for cats, Pumpkin-insured pet parents have the option to get a full refund for 3 Preventive Essentials.

• Annual Wellness Exam
Full refund for the exam fee when pets come for their yearly check-up, tests & vaccines

• Annual Vaccines
Full refund for any 4 vaccines you recommend for puppies, 2 for dogs, and 1 for cats each year

 Yearly Screening Tests
For Dogs: Full refund for 1 yearly fecal test & 1 yearly screening test for vector-borne diseases (heartworm, lyme, ehrlichiosis & anaplasmosis) or heartworm test only 

For Puppies: Full refund for 1 yearly fecal exam

For Cats: Full refund for 1 yearly fecal exam

Request More Info About PumpkinRequest More Info About Pumpkin


Request More Info About Pumpkin

Pumpkin created the 'Arf Meow For Vets' campaign as a way for pet owners to support their veterinary hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis just by sharing a 'thank you' note on social media.

Now through July 15th, each time someone shares a post and tags your vet hospital, Pumpkin will contribute $10 to your veterinary hospital's COVID-19 Vet Staff Relief Fund – up to $5,000 per hospital and $50,000 total! 

To the vets that have cared for pets during the COVID-19 crisis, we say 'Arf, Meow & Thank You'!

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